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Sharkaphant is AquaMeridian’s mascot. Sharkaphant was born on August 1 2014, and the first one was created by Sharon Kwok for Elephant Parade’s Hong Kong exhibition. He represents the largest fish in the sea (sharks) and the largest land animal (elephants)  – both of which face possible extinction due to unnecessary traditional practices (i.e. shark’s fin soup and ivory carvings), which must change in order to protect and preserve these iconic species.


Sharkaphant represents the two major species that AquaMeridian Conservation & Education Foundation has been campaigning to save. The largest land animal and the largest fish of the seas, both iconic species are currently under serious threat. He is a symbol of hope for a sustainable future. Our oceans need sharks to stay healthy and we cannot live without healthy oceans which regulate our atmosphere while providing us with oxygen and water.

Since his debut, he has already brought smiles to many faces while spreading his vital message to put an end to shark fin consumption and ivory trading.

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