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Eternal Elephants Charitable Tourbillon

Love Earth and love elephants? Here’s a herd of 12 elephants to brighten any day! Support our work to protect endangered species and help stop the ivory trade…because elephants are more important than ivory.

Being the largest land animal on earth, elephants are a keystone species and play an important role in the environment where they live. However, due to ivory poaching, loss of habitats and human-wildlife conflict, these iconic animals are facing serious threats to their survival.

Hong Kong has been a traditional hub for the ivory trade. Upon realizing that elephants were being wiped out, AquaMeridian began campaigning in 2013 to put an end to it. Within the first few months we were able to convince the four largest ivory retailers in Hong Kong to stop their trade in elephant ivory. We went on to successfully lobby for a complete ivory trade ban by 2021. Today, we continue our work via education on various platforms to raise more awareness because ivory is still being illegally traded on a massive scale and elephant numbers are still declining steadily.

This is AquaMeridian’s first collaboration with Memorigin, and we hope this limited edition timepiece will raise awareness to “Protect Elephants”, because “Extinction is Forever”. Regardless, when you wear this beautifully crafted precision timepiece you will also be making a statement that elephants are much more important than ivory arts and crafts, and that we must protect and preserve this iconic species for future generations!

Only 39 of these meticulously crafted and finely detailed flying-tourbillon watches have been made. Designed by Sharon Kwok, the stainless steel case, elephants, and luminous dauphine hands are heavily plated in rose gold. The herd of very finely detailed African elephants marching across the skeleton dial at each hour are each unique. Click here to DOWNLOAD the pre order form, and return to /, or call the hotline 9688 6278(WhatsApp) for inquiries. All proceeds will go towards AquaMeridian Conservation & Education.

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